Building Your Success Together

Strong relationships build success; Kreinces & Co. is built on a foundation of teamwork to ensure we’re connected in our quest to exceed our clients’ expectations.

A Future Aligned

We believe in the power of strong relationships and in harnessing that power to guide our clients in achieving their goals.

Are you prepared?

Tax preparation deadlines come and go.
Tax planning is always in season!


Kreinces & Co. CPAs, LLC is a forward-looking CPA firm providing accounting and assurance, tax, and management advisory services to privately held and family-owned businesses and to high net worth individuals.

Based on strong client relationships, regular communication, and unparalleled responsiveness, we work together with our clients to secure A FUTURE ALIGNED. As innovative advisors, we not only use methods and approaches that are tried and true, we seek leading edge ways to help our clients achieve their goals.

Accounting, Tax & Advisory
Tax Planning & Preparation
Strategic Planning & Management Consulting
Bookkeeping & Quickbooks Support
Commercial Financing Support
Audits of 401(k) Plans

“We’re building the firm we’ve always wanted to be a part of, with the people we’ve always wanted to work with!”

Brad M. Kreinces, CEO


Our Philosophy

We believe in relationships – in working with clients to achieve their goals. It is no longer just about spreadsheets and numbers; but rather truly understanding client needs. Strong relationships build success, and Kreinces & Co. CPAs is built on a teamwork culture to ensure we’re connected to exceed our client’s expectations.

With strong client relationships and constant communication, we can work together on a future aligned.

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Our Approach

Kreinces & Co. CPAs, LLC is comprised of highly talented, senior level individuals who come together to create a strong and connected team. With collaboration at our core, we are dedicated professionals who are passionate and experienced. These traits ensure that we consistently deliver on our commitments to our clients.

With strong client relationships, regular communication, and unparalleled responsiveness, we can work together on a future aligned.

Kreinces & Co. is Hiring!

We are looking for the next members of a select team of accountants and consultants!

As our client roster grows and the breadth of services we provide to our clients expands, we are kicking off our search to fill various staff positions.


Kreinces & Co. CPAs, LLC was born from our entire team’s recognition of the importance of trust and collaboration in working together for the benefit of our clients.

Our Clients

The coming together of the uniquely experienced and committed members of our TEAM is the result of a shared vision of what the culture of an accounting and advisory firm should be – a “think tank” to promote COLLABORATIVE PLANNING for the BENEFIT of OUR CLIENTS. We did not originate the axiom “two (or three) heads are better than one”, but we think we truly brought it to bear for the benefit of our valued client base, not only as a cultural mantra, but in practice, working closely together in teams, sharing and challenging ideas, and shaping specific solutions and plans of action to present to our clients. As is usually the case where teamwork is utilized, the output of the process provides the best opportunity for our clients’ successes.

Unhindered collaboration provides a learning opportunity second to none. In researching, presenting, defending and ultimately delivering to clients documented and tested new ideas, our team members grow and develop as professionals and as trusted advisors. They are provided the environment to hone their research and communication skills. We grow together. We learn from and mentor one another.
Our client service partners

At Kreinces & Co. CPAs, LLC, we value the expertise brought to the table, again on behalf our clients, by other professionals – bankers, attorneys, financial advisors, insurance and retirement plan consultants to name a few.