Bookkeeping & QuickBooks Support

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Kreinces & Co. CPAs can alleviate one of today’s common business deficiencies – the need for quality bookkeeping and QuickBooks support services. Many small business owners are handicapped in the management of their businesses because they cannot access timely, accurate accounting information (financial condition, profitability, cash flow, budgeting) from their accounting system.  Our team can assist business owners in turning this deficiency into a strength by:

  • Providing guidance as to the appropriate QuickBooks platform for your business
  • Assisting with the preparation of your Chart of Accounts, the cornerstone of your bookkeeping and accounting system
  • Training business owners and/or their internal accounting personnel in the optimal use of QuickBooks
  • Setting up procedures and templates to simplify recurring bookkeeping tasks – billing and collections; accounts payable and bill payments; maintenance of the general ledger and subsidiary ledgers
  • Formatting reports that have meaning and validity to you, the business owner
  • Responding promptly to your questions and needs for further assistance and/or ongoing QuickBooks support beyond initial set-up

Our team of CPAs provides bookkeeping and QuickBooks support in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Our goals are to save you time and money, put QuickBooks to work for you, and generate the reports you need to manage your business and make effective decisions.